This Week in Machine Learning – 23 July 2021

I share few interesting open source projects related to machine learning deployment, neural search framework, and flexible machine learning data structure for this week in machine learning.

Parallelformers: An Efficient Model Parallelization Toolkit for Deployment [github][documentation]

Parallelformers helps us to deploy most big transformer-based model on multiple gpus for inference. It is designed to make model parallelization easier, and we can parallelize many Huggingface transformer models with a single line of code.

Jina: Cloud-native neural search framework for any kind of Data [github]

Building a search engine is hard, especially when our data are not text data. Neural search leverages on state-of-the art deep neural network to perform information retrieval, and it enables retrieval of any kinds of structured data such as images, video, audio, 3D mesh, etc. Jina is a neural search framework allowing us to build neural search engine as a service quickly. It employs distributed architecture, and cloud-native by design. Take a look at its quick demo.

Jina Architecture. Image taken from Jina’s github page.

Meerkat: Flexible data structure for complex machine learning datasets [github][blog]

With various type of machine learning data (such as images, graphs, videos, time-series), a simple data abstraction for data wrangling greatly helps ML practitioners to interact with high-dimensional, and multi-modal data. Inspired by Panda DataFrame and combined with the capability of from recent data abstraction in deep learning framework such as PyTorch Dataset and Tensorflow Dataset), Meerkat DataPanel provides a simple data abstraction that offers best of the both world. Meerkat DataPanel supports:

  1. Complex datatype (for example: images, graph, videos, time-series)
  2. Datasets that are larger-than-RAM with efficient I/O under-the-hood
  3. Multi-modal datasets
  4. Data creation and manipulation
  5. Data selection
  6. Inspection in interactive environment

Note that PyTorch Dataset and Tensorflow Dataset support number 1-3 in above list, whereas Panda DataFrame supports number 4-6 in above list. Read their blog for more detail examples on how Meerkat DataPanel helps us wrangle our datasets.

That’s all for this week. See you next week.

Author: Philips Kokoh

Philips Kokoh Prasetyo is a Principal Research Engineer at the Living Analytics Research Centre (LARC) in the Singapore Management University. He enjoys analyzing data from many different perspectives. His current interests include machine learning, natural language processing, text mining, and deep learning.

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